Laminate, A Versatile Option For Any Flooring Project!

Whether you have an active family or are trying find flooring that it easy to maintain, laminate can fit many flooring needs. For those wondering what a true laminate floor is, let us help! It’s really a combination of special resins paper layers, fiber core and a print film that are all fused together into a solid mass. Due to the structural make up, laminate flooring will not stain or fade from sunlight. It is also extremely impact resistant and offers a glueless locking system for a no mess installation.


Nevin Broome’s Carpet & Rug Superstore carries the finest in laminate options, which can be floated over virtually any surface other than carpet. Laminate can be placed over existing ceramic tile, existing VAT (Vinyl Asbestos Tile), or anything you might have down that you aren’t currently satisfied with. Whether you prefer the rich looking ceramic tile appearance or the beauty of hardwood, Nevin Broome’s Carpet & Rug Superstore has the laminate that is right for you!

Luxury Vinyl Plank & Luxury Vinyl Tile

These are the latest intros into the wood-look market.  Many of these products are 100% waterproof in addition to having all of the features of laminate.

Laminate Flooring Care Concerns

How can I remove scratch marks from my laminate floors?

For minor scratches in your laminate floor there are special, color–coordinating pencils that may be used to fill in scratches. By using some common sense precautions you can help keep your floor looking like new. Use walkoff mats in front off all doorways and felt pads under all furniture legs. Never drag heavy objects over the floor, instead place 1/4” underlayment or plywood down first and then slide the heavy object across the underlayment panels.

Can a chip in my laminate floor be repaired?

If the damage to the plank is too severe you can have the damaged plank replaced without destroying the rest of the floor. For plank replacements there are special tools, router bits, and wood splines available to make the job easier. We suggest you leave plank replacement up to a professional installer.

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